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Rain - Radio Edits

(Radio Edits / 2019)

Inspired by the re-mixing made for the music videos “Rain” and its direct continuation “As It Pours”. This version for radio, seeks to introduce the mainstream into the universe created by “RAIN” and bring them closer to the Progressive Power Metal with each song.

This condensed version was distributed in different stations throughout the United States, generating good results for the band, being nominated for several awards and recognitions.



(LP / 2018)

A couple of years after their move back to Guadalajara, founding members Alex Isaac and Carlos Flores have the urge to make new music for  Fahrenheit, while they were almost finished promoting and touring for their previous Uncharted Dreams album. Rain, the  new album concept, came about during a couple of night talks in a Café, throwing some ideas around and then fleshing them out until it became the character and his story, covered by an ever present rain of bullets.

As for the reason why a story such as this was developed, both Alex and Carlos thought about people and what motives drive them, thinking it would be interesting to present an archetypal anti-hero, backtracking to his earlier life and reliving the choices that he had taken, which eventually led him to his infamous living.

As the story unfolds, with each song presenting particular stages in his life, we learn that he is not that different from us; not a vicious soul, simply a person running away from painful situations and looking for a purpose in life.

Later on in the story, there are pivotal points where the lines dividing reality and the inner self become blurry, as he struggles to escape from the endless path of destruction.


Uncharted Dreams

(LP / 2005)

“Again this release is a self-financed one and I must congratulate the guys who did a great Digipak edition... their compositions are well worked with a very powerful and tighter band.” Antonis Maglaras, Power Play Records, Greece.

“FAHRENHEIT was able to make a record with all the ingredients for success... Definitely a band that doesn't remind me of any other; full of creativity and with a certain originality. We may at one time talk of FAHRENHEIT as one of the most important references in Latin metal...” Pablo Boschiazzo,   Encrucijada webzine, Argentina.

“The only fault, grave fault that I find, but can't be blamed on the band, is that no one has wanted to produce them yet... surely a work so well crafted and with a very personal style such as this will not go unnoticed” Enrico “Webmurder”, The Murder Inn webzine, Italia.

“The maturity of the compositions is amazing, and the musicians are of top level... In any case, one of the best demos given to me for listening up until the moment.” Jean-Pierre Lhoir, Ars Metallia Webzine, Belgium.


Epic Enter

(Demo-CD / 2002) 

“Mexican band Fahrenheit has launched a ‘demo’ with good sound quality and cover art which surpasses many professional productions.” Rafa Basa webzine, Spain.

“This private production has much more quality and looks better than most label productions in the rest of the world! It is unbelievable that they are not better known outside of Mexico!” Rainer Krukenberg, Metaleros webzine, Germany.

“With ‘Epic Enter’ the Mexicans of FAHRENHEIT have delivered a really strong debut, however the record labels might decide, I recommend this young band to all fans of demanding Power Metal.” Alexander Melzer, Metal Observer, Germany.

“’Epic Enter’ may as well set a new standard for metal bands who take matters into their own hands.” Michael Popke, Sea of Tranquility webzine, U.S.A.

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