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After being part of the Thrash metal scene in Jalisco around the mid-nineties with the band Draksen, guitarist Alex Isaac moves to the northern border of Mexico where he founded Fahrenheit, with keyboardist and cousin Carlos Flores and talent from Juarez City near the end of the year 2000, now taking steps into the power metal genre. In the year 2002 they record their debut demo CD titled “Epic Enter”, including songs with English lyrics, inspired by introspective themes, dreams and fiction from different times.

Several publications, both electronic and printed, radio, television and word of mouth in different   countries helped in making “Epic Enter” a widely known release. During this time, magazines and festivals included reviews and songs of this demo in their  promotional compilations, among them the Ecuador's Acero Magazine and the ProgPower USA III Festival in Atlanta, Georgia.

In 2005, Fahrenheit presents their first full length album, titled “Uncharted Dreams”, imprinting a more defined and personal style. Aiming to achieve a larger impact with the release, Alejandro y Carlos return to Guadalajara; with new members they resume concerts and promotion.

During that time a music video is produced for the Distant Sun single in film format, which helped in widening their promotional reach in national and international media, such as the Telehit channel, transmitted throughout Latin America, The U.S., Canada, Europe, and countries in northern Africa. To add momentum, Fahrenheit once again takes part in the compilation of the ProgPower USA Festival, in its then sixth edition with their Evermore single. Their “Uncharted Dreams” LP was distributed nationwide through Iguana Records and internationally by Hellion Records (Germany) Melodic Revolution (USA), Rock Stakk and Rock Avenue Records (Japan).

In 2018, Fahrenheit releases their newest album titled “Rain”, a concept album project, having previously sharedan advance sampling with the EP “Shelter” in late 2015, with three tracksfrom the LP and participatinga third time in the ProgPower USA compilation, now in its XVI edition, with the song Wheelchair.





Vocals & Keyboards


Composer and lyricist in Fahrenheit. He participates in the creation of soundtracks for short and feature films such as "O2" (2016 Picture Festival of Sony Pictures) and "Desperate Ghosts", Romanian-Spanish production of 2018.






Piero Baroccio, music teacher, composer for children's plays, commercials and music in general.





Founder of La Banda, composer, arranger and Audio Engineer in the recording of the albums.



Bass Guitar


He studied classical guitar, Bolivian charango, electric bass, double bass, guitarron, trumpet, accordion and piano most string instruments. Playing from versatile group, mariachi, northern music, Andean music, power speed metal, progressive rock, Spanish and English rock and even great orchestras.

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